• B is for Butterfly - This one stood still long enough...just!
  • D is for Decay - This old train car sat in a dockyard had clearly been out of use for some time.
  • Ewige Bindung (Eternal Bond)
  • I is for Innocence
  • K is for Kite - Flying high :-)
  • L for Lazy - Pippin loves to lay in his little sun trap.
  • N is for No Entry - I guess photographs from on the warship are out of the question then!
  • O is for Orchid
  • S is for Soul Mates - I found these soul mates in Convent Garden enjoying the street performances.
  • T is for Texture
  • U is for Urban - A night time view of Southampton and the Itchen Bridge.
  • V is for Vacation - Spotted these tourists doing some sightseeing in London, trying to frame up a nice shot with Big Ben in the background.
  • W is for Wasp - And for 'Worried' about being stung.
  • Y is for Yellow
  • Z is for Zweibrucken -This is the Schloss in the town centre during the winter (Christmas Day in fact).

A to Z

The A-Z project is a popular one with photographers. The aim is either to photograph something that looks like each letter of the alphabet or to capture an image that depicts something that starts with each letter of the alphabet; this project took the latter approach.

This was a more challenging project that expected and took more than a year to complete. I also set myself the restriction that only new images could be included and I wasn’t allowed to fish out images from the achieve that would fit the bill.

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