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Follow my journey along the Dorset Coast

For several years I have enjoyed photographing and producing the canvas prints Dorset coast shown below. Initially drawn to the iconic sections of the jurassic coast such as Durdle Door and Kimmeridge Bay, my journey has led me to explore other sections of this amazing coastline. I have also had the pleasure of experiencing the Dorset Coast at many different times of the day and year, frequently photographing sunrises and sunsets, but also venturing out in less favourable weather.

If the Dorset coast is somewhere that you have always wanted to visit but have not before had the chance then I recommend starting with a visit to West Lulworth. You will be within walking distance of Lulworth Cove, Stairhole, Mupe Bay and Durdle Door and there are plenty of places for refreshment in West Lulworth.

Below you will find the canvas prints Dorset coast collection, which are also available as photographic prints. These are handpicked favourites that I hope you will enjoy. Most of us do not have the opportunity to visit these locations in the early hours of the morning or middle of the night and so it is my privilege to be able to share these images with you to see these wonderful locations in some of their best lights.

10% off canvas prints Dorset coast. Use code DORSET10 at checkout.

10% off canvas prints Dorset coast. Use code DORSET10 at checkout.

Favourite canvas prints Dorset Coast

I frequently get asked what my favourite spot is on the Dorset coast. If you were to turn around to me and tell me that I could only return once and visit one spot then it would certainly be Mupe Bay, which is a mile or two to the east of West Lulworth. There is something very special about it and I could happily spend hours exploring each time I visit. It’s also a great place to escape the crowds because most people park at West Lulworth and head in the opposite direction towards Durdle Door. Mupe Bay is only accessible when the Range Walks are open, so perhaps the fact that it’s less accessible makes it more appealing.

Mupe Bay is my favourite place to watch the sunrise, but I have also spent many enjoyable times there photographing the sunset and the Milky Way. The scene in the background is Mupe Bay during a particularly interesting sunrise where a weather front moved over and rain can be seen on the horizon, which had passed overhead 15 minutes earlier. While the sky didn’t light up red as many photographers hope for at sunrise, the dramatic conditions did create some very interesting light that makes this image. It is a great reminder that you don’t always need blue skies and sunny days to enjoy these locations and capture beautiful scenes, which is a topic I explored in an article on using bad weather to add drama to landscape photographs.

I hope you have enjoyed these images of the Dorset coast and I hope they inspire you to go and explore these areas for yourself. All of these images are available to purchase if you want a canvas print Dorset coast but don’t want to have to go there at unsociable hours to experience these conditions yourself.

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